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This is a guide only, please view full terms and conditions below.

What you need to know about Tipping

  • Tips for each game can be entered or edited at any time prior to the nominated game commencement time as published on the site.
  • Under no circumstances will tips be accepted after a game has commenced.
  • If tippers do not enter tips for a game, round or join after the season has commenced they will be allocated the default score (see below).

What you need to know about Tipper Rankings

  • Tippers will be firstly ranked by their weekly score, where the highest score is the highest rank.
  • Weekly winners will be determined by the user's weekly score for the round, then by a tippers 'Round Margin' and then by their 'Total Margin'.
  • End of season winners will be determined by total score, and then by their 'Total Margin' (and if drawn the Round Margin for that round).

What you need to know about Margins

  • The Margin Tippers are required to enter a winning team plus a margin for one game each round (the number of points team A will beat team B by).

Round (Adjusted Margin)

  • If you tip the winning Team and their exact winning margin, your 'Round Margin' will equal 0 points/goals (like golf, lower is better).
  • If you pick the winning team, but not the winning margin, your 'Round Margin' will equal the difference between the actual game margin and the margin you tipped.
  • If you tip the losing Team, your 'Round Margin' will equal the points/goals difference of the actual game margin PLUS the margin you tipped.

Total (Accumulative Margin)

  • The 'Total Margin' is the total to date of the Weekly Margins for all rounds in the tipping competition. As with 'Your Margin' the lower your 'Accumulative Margin' is the better ranking you will have.

What you need to know about Scoring

Rounds Default Tips Maximum Default
Score for Missing
Entire Round
Can you Tip a Draw Points for a Win Points for a Loss Points for a Draw
26 Away
5 No 1 point 0 points All tippers
get 1 point

Terms and Conditions